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Hello. My name is Henrique but everyone calls me Rique. When I’m not working, I’m with my family, friends, video games, and my ridiculously charismatic chihuahua.

I’m from a small paradise in Brazil with pristine beaches, delicious food and lovely people. You might be asking yourself why I left. Well, to be honest, me too.

Over the last 12 years or so, I’ve been working with local and global brands, from independent to group agencies. I’ve even worked in a campaign for President. 

I’m a very curious person. As a creative, I’ve learned how natural gas becomes liquid, how car batteries work, and the side effects of alcohol - though this lesson was not very pleasant.

I love selling ideas, hate selling myself. That’s why you won’t see me on LinkedIn stating the obvious.

The past few years have been quite generous to me. I’ve worked in Brazil, Doha and Singapore. I’d rather stay on a paradisiac beach, but my dog loves to travel.


Publicis, Singapore | since 2021

The Creative Union, Doha | 2018︎2021

Ampla, Brazil | 2011︎2018

Presidential Campaign, Brazil | 2014


AMPRO Globes Award
Grand Prix / 2014

Colunistas Brazil
Grand Prix / 2014

Professionals of The Year
Finalist / 2015

Professionals of The Year
Finalist / 2014